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JFE gasification

The gasification of refuse derived fuel (RDF) is the last link in the integrated FullCircle® treatment process

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The gasification of RDF is an eco-friendly process, whereby the combustible fraction of waste left behind by the separate collection and mechanical selection systems is transformed into fuel. Thanks to a partnership agreement, SCT is authorised to use the JFE gasification technologies.

JFE – the Japan-based world leader in this field – has built about 40 gasification plants in Japan, with an overall production capacity of almost 10,000 tonnes of RDF per day.

Gasification applied to waste was originally developed, from the 1980s, in Scandinavia, Germany, the USA and Japan. Compared to other heat-based treatment technologies applied to waste, high-temperature gasification, with the direct melting of the slag and ashes, can guarantee the almost zero emission of pollutants (dioxin produced 0.000053 ngTEQ/Nm3), enormously below the threshold levels required under the severest applicable regulations.

A tonne of RDF fed into the gasification reactor can produce fuel gas usable in conventional plants, with an energy value equal to that of approx. 560 Nm3 of methane or 500 kg of fuel oil, with a residue of approx. a quintal of recyclable inert vitrified mineral granulate.

The first JFE gasification facility in Italy was built as part of the Malagrotta 2 complex in Rome, where the FullCircle® system was developed.