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At SCT we strive to implement Sorain Cecchini Group’s commitment to technological advancement

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Our research work and built projects aim at the continuous improvement of waste management and treatment facilities, with a view to optimising recovery processes and transforming the fractions that cannot be recycled into energy.

Besides developing organic biostabilisation processes, with internationally renowned results, Sorain Cecchini Group and SCT have designed, tested and developed new technologies for the various mechanical and biological waste treatment phases.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Sorain Cecchini Group developed equipment and machines for opening sacks, pneumatically selecting and drying the waste and valorising the RDF.

More recently, SCT has developed proprietary technologies and applications for:

  • high-efficiency odour treatment, through biofilter with granular peat
  • the forced ventilation of biomass reactors
  • the automatic separation of plastic containers, through a combination of optical and gravimetric technologies
  • the separation of bulky and non-shreddable materials with air-hydraulic technologies
  • the biological treatment of the organic fraction from separate waste collection
  • the bio-desiccation for the production of RDF

The end result of the innovations and tests carried out by the SC Group, integrated with the JFE gasification technology, is the patented FullCircle® process.