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The most complete and cutting-edge waste management system, resulting from 65 years of experience of Sorain Cecchini Group

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FullCircle® embraces Sorain Cecchini Group’s eco-friendly design and development philosophy. It has amalgamated all the research work, experimental tests and projects carried out by the Group since its establishment. It is a proprietary patented process integrating all the mechanical and biological waste treatment technologies developed to date – recovery of metal and plastic materials, bio-stabilisation, production of refuse derived fuel (RDF) – with the final gasification process.

The FullCircle® system can automatically achieve the separation and processing of the fractions present in municipal solid waste, downstream from the separate collection process, maximising the recovery of materials. It can produce energy from the RDF by means of the state-of-the-art JFE gasification technology.

By optimising the recovery of materials and energy, it is entirely environmentally friendly and fully complies with the applicable Community regulations and Kyoto Protocol.

The FullCircle® system has been developed for and is tested on a daily basis at the large Malagrotta 2 facility in Rome, inaugurated in 2008.