Turn-key approach:
waste treatment facility design,
construction, and O&M services
 + Construction
 + O&M
150 million tons of waste
treated worldwide
in over 70 years of activity
Recovery of Plastics
Metals and Glass
Production of Energy
Inerts and Composting
More than 60
waste recycling and treatment facilities
all over the world
Cataluña, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina
San Giorgio, Italy
Toledo, Spain
Pomezia, Italy
Tenerife, Spain
Nizza, France
Barcelona, Spain
Algimia, Spain
Leyland, England
Thornton, England
Matarò, Spain
Huelva, Spain
Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Roma, Italy
Malagrotta 2, Italy
Guadassur, Spain
Tempio Pausania, Italy
Cuneo, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Murcia, Spain
Maccarese, Italy
Edmonton, Canada
Perugia, Italy
Malagrotta 1, Italy
Albano, Italy
Viterbo, Italy
Milano, Italy
Cassino, Italy
Sérignan, France
Foligno, Italy
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Perugia, Italy
Oslo, Norway
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Kawasaki, Japan
Toronto, Canada
Pomezia, Italy
Ponte Malnome, Italy
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More than 60 waste treatment and recycling plants

SCT technology promotes integrated waste management systems, to optimise the materials recovery, transform the non-recyclable fractions into energy, according to Circular Economy.

150 million tons of waste processed worldwide

Long corporate history and international experience gives to SCT the leading edge in the waste treatment industry.

Turn-key approach: design, construction and O&M

SCT offers a complete range of services from the basic design to O&M customized on each waste treatment plant and input waste.

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